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Donut King

Staff member
No prizes for guessing whats wrong with this picture:

Djr are in more trouble than we thought if they can't get this one right?


New member
For those who are sick of having a dusty beast( don't be rude)
Supercheap have got L/XL good quality blue carcovers for $29 save $25. 12 mth warranty


New member
Congratulations TS-50 on reaching 1000 posts and becoming a senior member of the Forum.

Also racin jason reached 1000 posts earlier this year and also became a senior member of the froum.

Well done guys, we now have five senior members including ROB 18, Henry and Bigcol.

Guess I better get started and come here more often......been so much going on but I plan to make this a regular stop of while online from this point onwards. :)


New member
Okay, So I am finally back online...

The latest...

I have separated in a nasty split with Crystal (day before valentines day), but this is the happiest I have been in 2 years and haven't looked back.

I have brought a unit of my own in the town I work in, It takes me 2 mins to walk to work. and 5 mins to stumble home from the pubs.

I finally went on holidays a month ago and caught up with Poita and Chris in Brisbane and had a great feed. Thanks guys it was good to catch up.

Here are some pics of my unit...


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