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Congratulations TS-50 on reaching 1000 posts and becoming a senior member of the Forum.

Also racin jason reached 1000 posts earlier this year and also became a senior member of the froum.

Well done guys, we now have five senior members including ROB 18, Henry and Bigcol.

Racin Jason

Active member
Thanks Pete! I think it says alot about the other members and the admin here that we have bothered to hang around for so long. I won't be going anywhere in a big hurry.


New member
Peter , you're not far off the thousand posts yourself.

Mate now there seems to be a renewed interest in the forum and the season is on, there should be a few more getting to that milestone.


New member
Is there any chance of becoming a throbbing member at some point? Seriously though, Founding Member is pretty cool.


New member

That's magnificent! Now, should I change my avatar? :D

New sig line for such an auspicious occasion, methinks...


Ok, I have fixed all the Senior Members up, we'll make it a formality now once you reach 1000 posts.

ROB 18, before your missus starts checking she's got the right man at home, yours is related to your number of posts. :D

If someone can find TS-50 some work he might be grateful, I think he would work for free rather than him having to pay. Tough ask I know. :D

Rob 18

New member
quote:Originally posted by Poita

ROB 18, before your missus starts checking she's got the right man at home, yours is related to your number of posts. :D

[dance][dance][dance] Just born lucky I guess.[dance][dance][dance]:D:D


New member
Guess which Admin member has just clocked over 1000 posts?

Congrats Poita!!!!

So, are you going to go the "member" name?

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