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New member
Thanks guys,

Its good to finally have an online connection.

the mobile doesn't pick up djrclub17, so those on facebook would still see I have been updating on the phone.


New member
Still at Leeton, 60kms East of Griffith and 30km west of Narrandera.

The little rocket is still going strong, need a good wash


New member
I bought the missus a brand new Focus a few months ago. She said Ican get a newy to. I like old cars but I will get a Ba/f Gt/p. I will wait 12-18 months because I am not selling the beast or the corty.:D. Has to have 3 pedals


Retired Admin
on xfalcon of fordforums?

thanks for the kind words boys... the ute was only built on the cheap, and once ive finished uni it will be sold, my partner's focus will become my car, she'll get a newy, and i will buy another old xe, this time a sedan with a 351, and i'll start again!

Just wanted to make sure i got those plates while they were available!

another pic for the boys...

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