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The demise of Ford . . sad sad day

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New member


Unfortunatly the wages/conditions/benfits/alowances that we pay in this country make it far too expensive too produce F#%* all.


New member
Economies of scale is another reason. We are a very small fish in a bloody big pond and Ford Australia should have done much more to sell their great vehicles overseas. That would have made it significantly more profitable to operate.


New member
There's no point me adding my opinions here, much has been said on many forums already.
But yes, very sad for our countries loss. (not only Ford, but our car manufacturing industry)

Did so many people really have to buy foreign cars?


New member
Yes it is a sad day in the Australian Automotive Industry, but I am proud to say that a week ago I took delivery of one of the last few Diesel Territory's to come of the Broadmeadows production line, and its a great bit of gear, which is why I replaced my previous Diesel Territory with another. Such a shame more people haven't done the same with Aussie cars.

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