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Symmons Plains '19

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Donut King

Staff member
Been an interesting weekend at Symmons, a track that has been a traditional T8 stronghold has seen the arch enemy bounce back into some good form, and they also seem to have their mojo back.

Great result on Saturday, and Sundays result is the kind of result you expect from a weekend in T8 territory, so overall quite pleasing.

I spent both Saturday and Sunday mornings wandering around pit lane and picking the brains of anybody in any team shirt who would stop for a chat. Heard a few interesting snippets, anything which I've heard from more than 1 source which wasn't off the record follows...

CofG testing - the process involved was flawed as there was the potential for a large 'human error' factor. The test will be repeated using a more accurate methodology. Expect adjustments to be made pre Darwin.

Aero testing - This has been cast aside for now, the wind tunnel proposed to be used in Melbourne is not up to the task. Looks more likely we will see further VCAT tests later in the year with ZB offered the ability to re-homologate .

Exhaustgate - Burgess and Little upon starting with Supercars this year went through every team and told them the things they knew they were up to that they shouldn't be. These guys collectively have been in most garages in pit lane through their careers and know a lot of each team's activities. Some have been slapped on the wrist harder than others. One team owner is responsible for the media leaks which have targeted DJRTP.

- On the weight & ballast placement debate, the team who leaked the heavy exhaust and whom has been most vocal about ballast not being permitted outside the passenger cabin, also funnily enough has been found to have ballast concealed under heat shielding outside the passenger cabin

Also on weight - It has been rumored that the parts supplied by a contracted sub-manufacturer to all teams running a particular body shape in the series have been found to be graded. That is all parts don't seem to be created equal.

- The big concern of Ford Fans seems to be that the teams don't seem to be defending themselves. Publically their modus operandi is not to stoop to the level of those feeding the leaks to the media. Privately though there is a strong focus from Ford and Ford Performance to ensure that Supercars are aware that they need Ford more than Ford needs them.

Onwards to Phillip Island we go, where the team are confident in Scott's ability to pickup where he left off last year. Sounds promising!

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