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Thinking we might let them win the first one as no one will turn up for game three after we flog them in game 2. :cool:


New member
Anyone been reading the news.com.au website the last few days?
it seems like there is a few disgruntled Blues fans in there editorial department.


New member
They have been putting up all sorts of bold headlines on their front page like 25 reasons why the Queensland series wins of the last seven years are wrong (basically saying that they are cheating) todays is about Inglis and him being born in NSW there has been on every day this week It almost looks like Paddockbasher's local rag has been running the site. Except that there is no mention of crocks or naked women all week long.[sh]


New member
Mate I've just been looking at em and laughing I mean really. I must admit I've heard better conspiracy theories like Mad Cow disease was made by KFC to gain some traction over Burger King and Macdonalds, then they fired the next salvo with the Bird flu to stop people eating chicken. Kinda funny in a sad sort of way...


New member
The year is 2050 and an old man sits telliing his grandkids a bedtime story.
"so young ens which story do you want to hear tonite?"
"Tell us the story of when NSW used to win at origin grandpa"
" well now, let me see if I can remember how it goes as it was so long ago!!!!" [crackup]


New member
Nah more like complaints about the standards of the umps the dirty players etc etc etc you know the usual excuses when someones team fails to reach an expectation.:cool:

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