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SoO 2015

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New member
Good onya Gerry, . . .
over the line by a nose, . . but a win is a win as they say down over the border, . .

Racin Jason

Active member
Farah is a pox and doesn't listen to his halves, thinks he put the air in Gus Gould's footy ball. Fifita played like a Commodore on 2 cylinders. Looking forward to game 2 when the mighty Gallen returns!


Active member
Klemmer is all the proof you need to see the missing link is real.

One hot day doesn't make a summer

Watch ****wit Farrah pull out as soon as Mondays night NRL game is finished.

Even though QLD did it with Tiquiri it doesn't make it right

Racin Jason

Active member
HAHAHA! I love SOO time!

Third man Thaiday IS the missing link!!!:D

Maybe game 3 the benders will grow some and stand up to Klemmer!

I am so looking forward to seeing ENNIS THE MENACE back in the BLUES jumper! I agree it aint right but rules is rules and Queensland have done!

Bring on Game 3!!!!


New member
Klemmer's a one hit wonder on the big stage.
There's quite a number of Qldrs who are more than unhappy with their below par performance in game 2 so NSW will be toast!


Active member
Sam Thaiday is a ****ing genius and a looks like Brad Pitt compared to Klemmer

Klemmer's best 15 years of his life was grade 2
In fact i'll go as far as say he's not the missing link.
His proper home would be in trees swing from branch to branch

He's about to find out what a real state of origin is about

Ennis will be a liability just like last time. He should still be playing at the Dogs still with rest of the fleas.
He'll get so wound up in the niggle he'll forget to play, again


New member
Wally Lewis on Klemmer:

IT IS 24 years since he last played Origin, when Wally Lewis played for the Maroons, but he’s still kicking goals for Queensland and for rugby league. Lewis put David Klemmer into his proper context last week when talking to The Courier-Mail amid the tumult of Sydney media coverage about how Klemmer has supposedly shaken Origin around like the fiercest dinosaur in Jurassic World.
“Without being disrespectful to the bloke, he’s played one good game,’’ Lewis said.
“You haven’t made it in Origin after one game.’’


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