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Sandown 500

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Active member
So, on the SVg saga goes now grumbling that his championship hopes are over, . .

But, . . .was I the ONLY one who saw SVG, rears spin a bit as he went up on jacks in the pit stop? .. just sayin.

Anyway, . .awesome driving from Scott and Alex premat, . .very mature and although pushing on in the last couple of laps , not binning it to try to win at any cost. . . well done Team, great weeked. [y][y]
I read the other day a reply from Kelly Johnson to someone on Facebook that it has to be a FULL rotation for it to be deemed a penalty.


New member
Very strange how not much has been mentioned about the belts.
No team has been attacked although there's clear tv footage evidence of 888 using some device.
Does this mean that all teams have done something?


New member
has anyone talked to the good Dr. to find out for sure it wasn't us?

I immediately thought T888 when i heard because something looked sus when Gizzburger was doing belts up nut just to be sure?


New member
Seems T888 claim they did nothing wrong by attaching some zip ties to the seat belts to get them back on quicker during driver changes ,
[bgn] [jk]

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