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Petition - Fuel tax subsidy - Qld

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New member
yeah , and no wonder you southerners think we're the dumb state,

the Government we voted in wasted all the money they made from the biggest property boom in Australia's history, and queensland was officially the fastest growing,and ran up a debt that needs 10 million a week to service,

And Now, . . . . . .the genius Fraser and Cap'n Bligh have decided the now that we are into recession and a global economic downturn, Queenslands assets will be sold

F#@&%#& unbeliveable !


New member
Agreed TS! I can't believe any of what they're suggesting - selling the railways, the Port of Brisbane, etc...

Its not a fair situation for southerners, but if they can at least look at it this way: When they holiday in Qld and shelling out money hand over fist on accomodation, food, attractions, etc...., at least they can save a few bucks on fuel whilst they're here.

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