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Happy Birthday Dick

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New member
With the old fella, reaching 70, and those legs having taken a caning in race cars over the years , he'll be up and about with some new vigour once the pain is gone . Not the Ideal way to spend a Birthday , but the result will be a great gift

Happy Birthday Dick, . . .70 years experienced, . . .[y][y]


Interesting 'Potted History' of DJR...

V8X Magazine said:
The following is a feature on Dick Johnson Racing's most memorable moments, which appeared in V8X Supercar Magazine issue #82, from the highs and lows of 35 seasons in Australian touring cars.
flashback celebrating dick johnsons journey at 70

Wow! $700k p.a. in from Jim Beam & $800k p.a. out to JC ...

Hmmm... running 2 cars, starting with a $100k deficit [sh]


Pretty sure Courtney pocketed all the money (less a nominal %) from the minor sponsors to make up the $800k.

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