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Hi Guys, a mate has a Uniden UBC92XLT scanner for sale, great for picking up radio chat a the track. It's in VGC and he wants $100 for. He's going to list it on eBay in a few days but I thought someone here might be interested in it before he does. PM me if intereseted

Racin Jason

Active member
Preferred Auto Dismantlers

Hi Guys.

A good mate of mine has just moved up to Queensland and opened up a new Auto Dismantling business. Mark has been in the dismantling game over 25 years and really knows his stuff. If you need anything, give him a call. The bussiness is Preferred Auto Dismantlers and is located at 18 Strathvale Court
Caboolture, Queensland and you can call him on (07) 5498 9532. Give him a "like" on Facebook too!


Racin Jason

Active member
I have a heap of N14 Pulsar parts for sale. I have a complete suspension, brake and wheel upgrade. Super low springs, Bluebird brakes , slotted front and cross drilled rears and a set of 18" Lenso wheels with good tyres. These wheels are 4 x 114.3 and will not fit on standard N14 or 15 Pulsars but will fit N16 or Bluebird. If anyone is interested flick me a PM Location is Picton NSW.

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