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DJR Sierra's

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New member

As im new this site and country I was wondering if I can ask some questions about DJR.

My orginal question was answered (DJR did run the Sierra at the TT)

So...is this the same team that sold the Sierras to Rob Gravett in the UK.

The mesuem in Quesland dose that have the Sierra in it

(I like Sierras as a XR4ti was my fist car and my weekend car at home is a Modified Sierra Saphire Cosworth.)

Sorry if I have posted in the wrong section.


No, Dick had to sell his collection last year to Bowdens to keep the team afloat. Part of the deal was they would cycle some of their cars through the DJR museum.

Rob 18

New member
Yes Steve, Rob Gravett's Sierra's were indeed ex-DJR units built right here in good old Australia. Rob actually drove at Bathurst with DJR in the late 80's & was so impressed with them, he took at least one back to the UK where, IIRC, gave the locals some curry on the way to winning the BTCC in 88 or 89.

DJR built the best Sierra's in the world & a lot of that credit was to do with Neil Lowe's excellent technical knowledge & software knowhow in getting the Sierra's to be not only fast, but as reliable as an 80's turbo race car could be.

They were an awesome beast, something that was recognised by John Bowe recently in an interview where he reguarded the DJR Sierra as his favourite all time Touring car. Quite a statement!!!!


New member
Hi sergy.steve,I`m new to this site aswell but always been a D.J.Fan Dick definatley sold 1 if not 2 sierra`s to gravett.My brother used to collect the 1/8 model cars and the dick johnson sierra was the most sought after model in the world once. To my knowleg Dick is the only top aussie racing legend that had his whole family involved in the sport.In one year when he was driving the green musting,the TV camera was inside the car at Bathurst and something was going wrong with it and you hear dick say I`ve got to bring it in Jilly(that`s his wife)and then the TV changed to a shot of her in the pits with earphones on talking to dick.His brother has always been a part of the team and now his son is driving.


New member
Hi, new to the site, love the sierra. Have attempted to make my xr4ti look a bit like one.


quote:Originally posted by Sez

Hi, new to the site, love the sierra. Have attempted to make my xr4ti look a bit like one.

Hi Sez and welcome to the Forum, post up some pics of your car if you like.


New member
Digging up a really old thread here but it's not like these cars are todays news anyway :)

I have a real passion for the Sierras and the DJR Group A cars in particular. I was lucky enough to purchase a very nice Sierra Cosworth road car a while back and it's been my pride and joy ever since.

I've been trying to collect as much info on these cars as I can, does anyone have any stories, photos aor videos of the DJR Sierras or even DJs road car from back then?


New member
Ive got a signed 8x10 of Dick sitting in front of his first White Sierra at Palmer Tube Mills. Only thing is, it had to be a road car as it come over with the sunroof option [crackup]


New member
Hi TCR, The almighty Sierra's were my first memory of racing at Bathurst, I went every year as a kid and loved the Turbo flutter sound the cars made.

I have always wondered what lap time they would run with wider rubber, As DJ used to say that they were "under tyred".

I have a picture that i will have to scan of DJR at a media day before Bathurst one year, With both the EB v1.0 and Sierra in the pit bay.

I cant believe by looking at them now the safety of them, There was no rear fire wall and the driver sat near the fuel cell which sat in the cabin with them.


New member
The road cars are under tyred, let alone the 600hp race cars, and yes the safety standards aren't what they use to be :)

Another Sierra owner I know has been a DJR TM for a very long time and has some DJR Sierra photos from the Acacia Ridge workshop. He was kind enough to send me a couple:

Be good to see some more from the day.


Super Moderator
TCR I have plenty of video's and photo's of the djr Sierra's. If there is anything in particular you are after, send me a PM and I will see what I can do for you.
Cheers, Rob


New member
To all the Sierra lovers this post is a bit late but never the less, I watched a program called "Car SOS" on National Geographic channel on Foxtel/Austar.
I aired on December 20 and had the restoration of an original black Cosworth Sierra,
I thought you might be interested as it has re-invigorated myself into researching more these rocket ships.
Also Unique Cars ran an article in Nov/Dec on the DJR Sierra's, This edition has a Walky Commodore on the cover.

Racin Jason

Active member
A little birdy tells me that DJR1 and 2 have actually been numbered the wrong way around so DJR1 was in fact the LHD car. Supposed to on the quiet so keep it amongst yourselves for now and as they say in the classics, "watch this space"!


New member
Was that the ANZ Sierra that ran at Bathurst at Easter Bigcol? On the Sunday race it ran dead last and didn't sound too good.
Meanwhile the Sala ex B&H Sierra was in full flight.

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