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Dicks ownership

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New member
Dick survives ownership wrangle

  • From v8 supercar website.

By Gordon Lomas 11:36 AM Fri 3 December, 2010 Source: BigPond Sport
Dick Johnson Racing has survived the hostile ownership schism after Charlie Schwerkolt sold his shareholding in the team.
The details of the resolution after a lengthy a protracted fight between the two former friends mean that Schwerkolt retains the No 18 Racing Entitlements Contract Licence, which he has decided immediately to lease back to DJR.
The outcome means that Johnson's team survives and Schwerkolt, who was seen as DJR's saviour from almost certain closure in early 2008, will walk away from the sport.
There are indications that DJR has secured sponsor backing for next season and has reportedly found a minority stakeholder, who is not believed to be Newcastle-based mining magnate Nathan Tinkler.
In the aftermath the big questions are who will replace James Courtney - who has reportedly fled to the Holden Racing Team - as well as Adrian Burgess (to TeamVodafone), Scott Sinclair (HRT) and others in the group?
Johnson and Schwerkolt began a dream partnership a few seasons ago but finished the worst of enemies.
What has also happened in the fallout of one of the worst ownership feuds in the history of the sport is that Schwerkolt and Courtney's friendship has been damaged.
Rumours began to gather steam at the Sydney Telstra 500 today that possible replacements for Courtney at DJR were Steven Richards, who finishes his duties with FPR this weekend, and well-regarded long distance co-driver David Besnard.
Another Championship Series driver who has not sorted a deal for 2011 is Greg Murphy; however, his strong links with Holden, especially in his native New Zealand, would make a move to DJR seem highly unlikely.


New member
You bloody bewdy Dick.

With all thats been going on many DJR fans were starting to wonder if the end was near for DJR, but we have under estimated the persistance and determination that the 5 times Australian touring car champ has.
Great news for Dick and all the DJR fans, the best thing we can do is show our support in 2011 at the merchandise truck
Would love to know who is in the frame for car 18 in 2011..........Richards, Besnard, Owen?


New member
not sure, but i think they will gain more supporters and sponsours when jc wins the championship on sunday arvo.


New member
So lets see if Steve Richards really wants a drive next year, . . . Just how far will he go to make sure James isn't punted off to allow a Holden victory?

I dont care if holden buy the Number one, even the holden numbnuts know they aren't the number one,


New member
To all doomsters!

[f] [ak] [f]

Go DJR! Go Sj! & See Ya on the Track in 2011.


HSV Raiders

New member
Whos the mystery investor and will Dick have a falling out with them too?


Dick Johnson Racing today confirmed structural changes to the business that will see Dick Johnson resume majority share ownership in the Queensland based team.

Co-owner Charlie Schwerkholt will step away from the team to pursue interests outside motor sport, while DJR sponsor Crimsafe will come on board as a minor partner in the business.


New member

After listening to this i do feel a little sorry for Charlie, I'm not sure he saw breaking up the team as anything wrong, just as business and it seems that in the end he came out with little more than what he had when he went in.

Charlie was a saviour wneh he came into the DJR family, and he deserves thanks for that, big time, and in the finality of time when decisions were hard and almost impossible for him he has in my opinion eventually made the most magnanamous decision he could have, to walk away, to leave DJR intact as Jim Beam Racing and let the cards fall where they may.

Thanks for that Charlie, sincerely.

DJR has some serious consolidating to get done once the celebrations are over, to get back to a point where they are ready to put the two cars on the grid for the first race next year. Battling against the odds has always been one thing this team can do.[bw]


New member
Well said Vince. I completely agree with you. There is clearly some ugliness to all this and both parties have probably done the wrong thing at times.

I spoke with Charlie, congratulated him on what he's achieved, and wished him all the best.


Super Moderator
Vince I'm so glad DJR will be there in 2011, but I must admit I too feel a little sorry for Charlie after all he has done for DJR over the past couple of years.

I bumped into him in the Paddock yesterday at Homebush and he was wandering around in a JBR shirt holding the hands of his kids as he walked.

I said g'day and had a breif chat with him. I said thanks for all he's done and the ride he has taken us on and he said "thanks to all you guys for you're continued support and for making it possibly".

I must admit that I genuinely felt bad for the guy and it was clear that he was extremely down about the whole thing.

Yes Charlie stepped in when we needed saving and for that I am eternally grateful. I would like to wish Charlie all the very best in all that he does.


New member
Did Charlie say he put the Tinkler deal together, I thought every one was saying Sj did. [sh]

I don`t agree with James having to thank Charlie for where and what he has become as he was destined to be a champ where ever he went and if anything the steady influance from the Johnson family had more to do with it.


New member
Dick Johnson determined to win V8 title without James Courtney

JAMES Courtney walked out on him. So did his chief engineer and several of the staff that helped catapult his team to a remarkable V8 championship.

In fact in 2010, Dick Johnson almost lost it all.

"It came close," Johnson said in an exclusive interview with The Sunday Mail. "There were some very dark days."

But this true survivor was never about to give up. He has come back from the famous rock crash that threatened to ruin his career, made it through debt that forced him to sell all his prized memorabilia, including his cars, and now after a full-scale mutiny, Johnson has vowed to win the 2011 championship without the sport's No. 1 driver Courtney.

"I am not going anywhere," Johnson said.

"Neither is this team. All the adversity has made us stronger and we can win the thing next year even without James."

Johnson can't hide his disappointment after last week losing his championship-winning driver to the Holden Racing Team.

He has to bite his tongue when he talks about all the people that threatened to take away his team this year.

A feud with co-owner Charlie Schwerkolt prompted one of the most dramatic years in Johnson's long life.

Left with an unworkable ownership structure and a divided team, Johnson was left to find a new backer, secure his sponsors and find new employees to replace the ones that walked out. For most people it would have all been too much.

"We have been around for 30 years and I don't intend to give up now," Johnson said.

"I have nothing else to do and don't have any grass to mow. I was never going to quit. I was always going to come out swinging. I mean we had a fair bit thrown at us over the year and I think we handled it all pretty well.

"It just makes me stronger and hungrier."

Losing Courtney, the sport's most marketable driver, is a huge blow for Johnson. His defection to Holden has left the living legend scrambling to find a replacement.

With his team safe, Johnson now has his eyes set on securing a rare V8 double. And he thinks his son Steven, a prime factor in his fallout with Schwerkolt, can deliver him the prize.

link to story


Active member
Although this story may be true i for one cannot or couldn't bring myself to totally believe it as soon as i saw the Assclown's name at the beginning of the story.
James Phelps would be a better writer of fairytales and fiction novels than motorsport if you ask me.


New member
Although this story may be true i for one cannot or couldn't bring myself to totally believe it as soon as i saw the Assclown's name at the beginning of the story.
James Phelps would be a better writer of fairytales and fiction novels than motorsport if you ask me.

I agree, the whole story was psobably a one liner from Dick and Phelps has turned it into a drama of operatic proportions, still we have the bright side I think we were all looking for, despite this prick's best efforts to destroy the team with rumuor and innuendo. I'm thanking goodness that common sence prevailed and we still have a team to support.[bw]

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