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1993 atcc

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New member
Spent the last couple of nights watching the first few rounds of the '93 ATCC, with 5.0L EB vs 5.0L VP (and still had the smaller cars too)....brilliant stuff:)

That was when they had that fantastic 'Peter Jackson Dash' to decided the front three rows of the grid.

Dick wins race 1 at Amaroo, but goes off on the infield with a blown tyre in race 2. The lakeside round was very exciting, with Dick taking victory in race 1. Watching the Shell and Peter Jackson EB Falcons demolish every commodore in the field was great.

Hardies Hero

New member
And then the Holdens teams (I think it was Larry in particular) had a whinge and had the Falcons nobled and the Tooheys that year was a very different story..


New member
Yeah, they whinged so much that they were allowed to introduce a new aero package mid season too.


Active member
Considering most of the Holden runners ran the V8's at Bathurst 92 , Holden were really caught with their pants down.

Even though Seto ran the EB at Bathurst he was soundly outpaced by the Commodes.

Ford did their homework and the EB was a weapon.
The VP didn't even have an undertray on the front splitter.
However when they got it 2 weeks before the sandown 500 it gave Ford absolutely no chance at Bathurst, because when they were allowed to run a new aero package they were given to much leeway and they were then considerably quicker then the Falcon.

The Holden teams should have been made to finish the season with the original.

After Skaife won the championship in 94 the Fords were given the EBII upgrade which then turned it all around again.
Was fairly common knowledge that Gibson was running traction control and when rear wheel sensors were banned Skaife and Richards only won one or two races after that.

The biggest travesty and it wasn't fixed till Blueprint was the trimming of 200mm off the front undertray of the Falcon in 95. Once again the ford teams had done their homework and were disadvantaged because of it.

Ford were never any good at playing politics and Holden had people employed to do just that and find loopholes in the rules

At a GT club meeting we had Allan Moffat and Big Pete as guest speakers around the same time.
Moffat was also doing CH7 commentary at the time.

He said Ford should have pulled out until the undertray was back to original.
Basically exactly what Perkins was saying he was going to do when he didn't like what happened.

History has proven that what Moffat said was on the money as a Falcon wasn't really competitive till Blueprint


New member
I remember the PJ dash as a kid, A bit of fun and Larry, Dick and Brocky did'nt mind turning it on for the TV audience.
I recall sitting through Sportsworld on Channel 7 for 2.5 hrs on the Sunday morning to watch 5min races, Loved it but!


New member
Any chance of someone burning these onto a disc for me, I'd be more than happy to pay for it. Also did any team run a Falcon with the ED model prefix? As far as I know the ED wasn't run, it went for EB to EF.


New member
Some great footage on Youtube, Just type in Peter Jackson Dash into the You Tube search.
Yep DJR did not run a ED, But would have looked good cosmetically with the twin headlight front on the EB2 :)


Very good Quasi, was a blast from the past. Forgot that Dick got the first ever win in the new category.
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Rob 18

New member
Hey, I remember that race at Amaroo like it was yesterday. Sitting on top of Bitupave hill as it was called back then, watching DJ win the first V8 Supercar race & Bowey took the round victory.
I know this going to sound funny but why I remember it so well was because me & the Mrs were on our honeymoon....spent thursday, friday, sat & sun at the track...
What a lucky girl.
Besides Bathurst every year, now it's hard to get me any where near a track for V8's these days thats how bad the racing is unfortunately..

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