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WTF is going on?? DJR sold!!

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Apparantly it says that a 25% share in DJR had been sold to Carlin Motorsport which is another British based team. There is also the possibilty or the remaining being sold at the end of the year should it meet TEGA's ownership rules.


New member
SH*#T, more info please fellas, I'm guessing now team is back on feet he thinks time to recoup some of the cabbage he's been spending. Sad, sad day for Australian motorsport IF he sells the whole shooting match.:(


New member
So all that interview PR with Steve earlier in the season where he said he would be owning the team one day goes out the window, and what about Team Mates?


New member
if thats the case it will be the end of V8 supercars for me without a djr car on the grid won't be worth watching


New member
Isn't this news just the usual crap that goes around and around every year?

I'm with you Gilson IF its true, I'm out!

The last thing I hope I never see is Dick Johnson of the DJR racing business, become like Dick Smith of Dick Smith Electronics, i.e. just the name on the door.


New member
If true, I think it's a good move... the bloke's built a bit of value back into his business, the industry's not looking the best, get out with big bucks, and find better things to do... fishing... maybe even racing in other categories.

DJR have hung in for more years than any other team on the domestic scene: they outlasted all the big names of their glory years: AMR, HDT, Craven Mild/JPS, Seven, Roadways... having gone so close to the wall in the last two years, in the same position, I'd be wondering if I wasn't getting too old for that sort of s@!t...


I agree with Henry, as much as I hate to see it happen, now is a good time to get out. (IMO) This series in its current format had reached its peak a long time ago.

I'm also curious to know when the offer was made to DJR. I'm more than happy to support DJR through their Team Mates venture but I'm certain Carlin MS wouldn't need that sort of support. If this has been on the drawing board for awhile I think there are going to be a few pi$$ed of people, especially those who forked out big buck for the top 18 Numbers.

What happens to the #1,#17 and so on, supporters who forked out for this year. Thanks for your donations for this year MATE but Dick no longer owns DJR and Carlin is hardly short of a few bob.


New member
I guess people who paid between $500 and WTF for number1 would have considered it a contribution to the Team and accepted the few benefits that came with those Top 18 in the grace with which they were offered.
I guess the concerning thing here is that DJR will be JBR next year most probably and Carlin Racing the year after that and there will , effectively be no DJR for the fans to support.

I would be holding on to any collectable stuff you have because it's going to get more valuable in the future,the near future I expect.


New member
I will be pissed off if that happens Poita [as i paid big dollars for #14 and only just received my team mate pack]. I am hoping this is all just a load of crap. As I would like to renew my team mates pack for next year.

I don;t mind DJR selling off a small portion of the team to hopefully improve the team and to produce results. But the whole lot...

I am afraid, that the current format of V8supertaxis are very boring of late, I only watch them these days to support DJR.

I am with you guys, if DJR leaves, I am leaving.
I am just hoping, that this is made up bulls#*t.

Rob 18

New member
Disappointing if true but understandable none the less! DJR are the only thing keeping myself interested in the category & as someone else posted earlier, V8 Supercar peaked a while back now & seems to be on a self inflicted decline so if DJ & Jill got out now, I don't blame them. Take the $$$$ & run. Hopefully Dick gets to compete in a few historic events in one of his old cars (XE please) which will give us older folk something to keep an interest in reguarding DJR.

If there is any truth in this though!! Motorsport News have been fairly wide of the mark on a few issue's lately & this could possibly be just another.

Interesting times ahead.


Hi Guys here is Jonathons comments as part of his email with some Q&A from Dick regards NZ - Hope this helps

Hi Doug,

Here is a bit of Q&A from NZ for the Club17 fans, compliments of 'The Boss'.

Also, I noticed that things are heating up in your forum about the Motorsport News cover and article today -There is no truth to it, we're not even sure where they got the story from, but it is nothing more than a rumour.

Here you go...

1. There was a lot of controversy over finishing the race early. What are your thoughts on this and do you think Jim Beam Racing was affected by it?

You can never change something that has already happened but in the Team managers meeting, the teams were advised the race would finish at 1645 and it finished at 1545. Regardless of whether or not this was a genuine error, in my opinion, the spectators would like to see the finish of the race rather than the after race festivities & podium.

2. Amid such a close field, it must have been re-assuring to see Will climb his way up to finish 6th in the final race?

It certainly is and the key is to stay out of trouble. To capitalise on going forward, it is most important to qualify well inside the top ten because it is so hard to get around the other vehicles in front of you, especially on a track with limited passing opportunities like Pukekohe. For example, when Garth Tander had a longer pit stop, he was placed well down the order when re-joining the race and struggled to regain the lost positions as a result.

3. What do you think of the layout for the new Hamilton street circuit?

To date I have only seen graphics with the basic layout of streets & proposed circuit, it looks good, fast and pretty exciting. Time will tell next year and with our track record at street circuits, the guys will be looking to do well there.


Jonathan Ede
Marketing & Media Manager
Dick Johnson Racing

P: 07 5560 4540
F: 07 5560 4555
M: 0410 511 478
E: jede@djr.com.au


Thanks Doug and Jonathan, I hope this clears things up in regards to the DJR sale. You wonder sometimes how these rumours get started.


New member
Sometimes we're quick to react to rumours, maybe too quick, but this one didn't seem unfounded.

That certainly looks pretty convincing doesn't it?



Active member
Over the years it has seemed that certain ownership/financial problems rumours have stemmed from a website that has numbers in it.
Each and every year we see DJR this or that.
It' seems that the website involved doesn't know 10/10's of **** all, it knows 2/10's of **** all.

On the other subjects

VESA want rooting for the crap at the Puka round .
They want rooting for not booting Tool/HSV and HRT for ownership issues from 2003 and not complying with the TLA from 2003

The Hamilton circuit looks better than the Puka goat track.
I'm not one for VESA's ideoligy about street circuits.
Those turds make a lot of money at the tax payers expense.
It also takes away the breeding ground of our future talent.
After all you can't cut laps around Adelaide or Surfers Paradise(well you can if your car goes ummm sicka ummm sicka ummm sicka or whoosh bang.
But we have to make sure our permanent facilties survive or no one is the winner in the long run and guy's like the Sons of rich Fathers will rule this sport. Even without talent


New member
Good on you Jonathan for giving us the good oil!

The only good thing to come from this is the great photo on the cover of the 2 DJR cars. They seem to have real on track presence about them and look very formidable.

Rob 18

New member
We can breathe a little easier.

Thanks for posting that up Doug & once again thanks to Jonathon at djr for clearing it up straight away & not keep us guessing as they have done in the past.

What's going on with Motorsport News lately??? That's not the first time recently where they have gone front cover with a scoop only to get it completely wrong.


New member
quote:Originally posted by Rob 18

We can breathe a little easier.

Thanks for posting that up Doug & once again thanks to Jonathon at djr for clearing it up straight away & not keep us guessing as they have done in the past.

What's going on with Motorsport News lately??? That's not the first time recently where they have gone front cover with a scoop only to get it completely wrong.

thats how they sell there product. I was going to buy one and read the details... But i won't now, thanks to Jonathan at DJR I have saved myself $$$ :D

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