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Website issues

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It appears that users connecting via Bigpond Wireless, ADSL or Cable are having issues with the speed of this site. I have spoken with Bigpond Support who noted the slowness of the site, the Tech Support guy has passed the problem I and others are experiencing to another department, which of course are only open during business hours. [hb][hb]

I have run tests from other peoples machines who connect via OPTUS, IINET and AAPT and they are not having any problems.

If any other members are having speed issues with this site reply here with your ISP provider.


Racin Jason

Active member
Pete, I have noticed that it has slowed over the last 36-48hrs and I am with Dodo. It isn't unbearable but it is not as quick as it was. Although it seems ok today.


Have been investigating further, Telstra have apparantly fixed their side of things but now there is a fault with the link to WA where our site is hosted. It is supposed to be fixed by 6.00pm tonight QLD time.


Had a further call from our hosts and the problems still exist, any traffic coming out of WA is being affected no matter who your ISP is. The problem lies in the link and is still being investigated by Telstra, Optus and IINET.

I'll update again when I have further news.


Optus Cable here - Monday & Tuesday were Very Slow + repeated 'time-outs' & 'server reset whilst loading page' errors!!

It seems today isn't any better!


New member
AAPT here Poita. It is a bit slower than usual loading up the pages, but not too bad considering what other have said.


New member
You probably don't want to hear this, but it isn't here.

There is intermittent or sporadic improvement only.


Just had another chat to our Domain provider. The link out of WA has been replaced but is not yet finished. Major cities were moved to the new link first and regional areas will be done next. It is not only our hosts who is having problems but a number of different providers are as well. The cut over is expected to be finished around midnight tonight.

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