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New member

Ranuo Aaltonen! One start in the 60's for the win with Bob Holden, and another start with Holden in the 9o's IIRC!


New member
I couldn't even start to put a figure on it, but I will assume that Series Prod might account for it... most of the Group C and Group A years had the % cutoff applied, so if you could do the time, you didn't get to play.


New member
ha i have finally stumped someone
it was 1976 the gap between moffat on pole and last place qualifier was 59 seconds

but cant find my book with the drivers names in it

Hardies Hero

New member
Depends on whether it was the sprint round or enduro Kartman.

If it was the sprint round, race 1 he complained about not being able to see through the oil on his windcreen which was flicked up by JB when he went through the fluid left from the demise of the 2 Coke cars at Hell Corner. "it's like looking through a broken sheet of glass".
Rob, I have a feeling the oil was left by Larry Perkins after he ran over the ripple strip exiting Hell Corner causing the sump on car 11 to crack.


New member
In 1994 on the entry to the dipper... what was written on the track surface?
Well, I walked down there on my way to my Forrest's Elbow perch for the race start, and the third beer put a bit of pressure on the seal, so my name got written on the track surface there... in my best handwriting, mind...

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