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Tricky Trivia

  • 1. "Your knowledge and input is always welcome but please respect the team, the drivers and other members. Abuse or harsh criticisms will not be tolerated".

    2. "This forum is designated 'Family Friendly' - (ie. we have young & impressionable readers - even if they're not Members/Posters) - therefore language must be moderated! - (how would YOU feel about YOUR 9 year old reading it?)

    3. "Use of characters (eg. #$*@!) that only 'partially' disguise an intended vulgar/offensive word(s) is unacceptable!
    If you MUST express yourself in such a manner... use ***** and let the reader's imagination 'fill in the blanks'."

    Thank you for your cooperation.


Super Moderator
You still haven't said which race...

Was he complaining about his guts after eating a Fuddruckers Cajun Chicken? He said he should have eaten a banana instead :)


New member
OTOH, in the bidding you might nominate Denis Cribbin, who started in 1970 or 1971 with John Goss, and then his next start was 1994, when he didn't make the qulaifying cut, was told the car would start and run as long as he didn;t do the first stint and didn't get in anyobe's road... he was the VL that baulked Lowndes at Murray's late in the day and gave JB the run back into the lead...

Garry Rush had a few years between his appearance, as did Spencer Martin and Graeme (Cassius) McRae... but I'd be tempted to give it to Cribbin.. unless advised otherwise.

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