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Tragedy strikes V8 Supercars... RIP Ashley Cooper

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HSV Raiders

New member
THE Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) has confirmed V8 Supercar driver Ashley Cooper has passed away in Royal Adelaide hospital.

Cooper 27, of Ulladulla in NSW, died following a crash in last Saturday's Fujitsu development series race at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide.

An experienced motor racing competitor, Cooper was critically injured when his vehicle impacted with a safety barrier at the exit of a corner at speeds of more than 200kph.

Cooper was quickly attended to trackside by the event's senior medical personnel and subsequently transported to the Royal Adelaide Hospital by ambulance.

CAMS President, Colin Osborne, said that Cooper's passing was something that would be felt by the entire Australian motor sport community.

"Firstly our thoughts and sympathies go to Ashley's family and friends, particularly his wife Casey and two children and parents Alan and Maree," said Osborne.

"It is always a very sad day when any member of the motor sport community is taken from us.

"The motor racing community involves a close knit group of competitors and officials and I know that everyone will be feeling the loss of Ashley.

"CAMS will conduct its own full independent investigation to determine the circumstances leading to the incident.

"In the mean time, CAMS and event officials are working with the relevant civil authorities to assist with their investigations."

CAMS chief executive Graham Fountain said the family had been offered counselling and support services.


New member
It's always very sad to hear of the death of a competitor in motorsport. It is especially so when 2 young children of 5 and 3 have had the opportunity to know their father taken from them.

After hearing the news I had a look at the team website and the Supercar website and found out that this was his first race as a team owner in the Development Series, having previously leased drives. It is such a shame that what must have been a very satisfying time for Ashley and his family, having worked to build a team and sponsors has ended so early and tragically.



New member
It is so sad, my condolances to his loved ones.

It is a tragic reminder for us fans of the risks and dangers in motorsport, that are accepted by our teams just to entertain us.


Besides the tragedy of being killed in a motor-sport event, I really feel for his partner, children and family, my condolences to you all.

Hardies Hero

New member
this is really sad, it puts the events and dissapointments of our team this weekend into perspective, this is just a sport and we should never ever take for granted what can happen in a split second in motor racing.

im sure you will all agree that the whole DJRs big familys thoughts and prayers are with the family.

its a real pity but they say, only the good die young...

RIP buddy..

Racin Jason

Active member
There isn't really anything much you can say about this tragedy that isn't fairly obvious. It just makes you appreciate those that are close to you a little more. My kids got an extra hug and kiss tonight.

RIP Ashley and condolences to his family.


Active member
Just goes to show how dangerous motorsport can be.

RIP Ashley

CAMS should start suspending a few licences for out and out f#@ked driving.
Murphy should have went for his shit on Bargs and then Ambrose and some of the stunts pulled by the top guys should be looked at as well.
Concrete cars and people don't mix to well when they're bouncing off each other

Rob 18

New member
Well said Col!! Even a few of the drivers in the main series should be looked at & a few of the drivers should be having a good hard look at themselves & what potentially can happen if they screw up. These things are a high powered bloody motorcar & sometimes when things go wrong when your at 1.5 tonnes, people get hurt or in this case, a much worse scenario.

One has to start to wonder if (& this is nothing against Ashely or Mark Porter) the Fujitsu cars should be de-tuned by a 100 horses or so similar to the Busch Series in NASCAR. The obvious fact in 2008 is that driver ability does not guarantte anybody a drive in V8SC or the Fujitsu Series, as many of the drivers (& once again, this does not apply to Ashely or Mark) are there because of fat wallets & not driver ability, & when some of these drivers get into trouble, circumstances like we saw on the weekend in just about every class can occur. Maybe they should only be allowed to race on open tracks like Wakefield & QR??? I don't know what the answer is but I do think they need to do something before this type of disaster happens again!!!

RIP Ashely Cooper.


quote:Originally posted by DJR-1980

hay guys just heard ashley was a organ donor some thing so good come for some so bad
Agreed, his organs were used to save the lives of seven others.

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