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Top Gear GTHO road test

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New member
Anyone catch the Aussie Top Gear show tonight.
Road test in a GTHO PhaseIII. In a way I wasn't looking forward to it but it was the only reason I sat through the show.
Sounded glorious, looked tough, but the timed lap was pretty ordinary by todays standard. About 2 secs slower than a new FG-XT.
In a way it was sad to see that finish that way, but would have also liked to see more of a comparison with Monaros, Chargers and XU1's to get things into perspective.
Its easy to forget just how powerful and how improved the handling of the standard family car is today.


New member
Also, things are engineered differently. People think of a Ford 9-inch as the duck's-guts, but they were heavy and on leaf springs, made for very ordinary handling. But in the day, you needed them for reliability.


New member
quote:Originally posted by nascar12

Road test in a GTHO PhaseIII. In a way I wasn't looking forward to it but it was the only reason I sat through the show.

I as well only watched the show for this drive. They could have driven it harder but I reckon the owner would have had something to say if things went pair shaped. They should have had another 70's muscle car to give a much better indication of speed / handling etc.

But when it was new everything was at the peak of its time and you had to drive the car instead of the modern car driving you. Overall it was great that they even had the car on the show. Good ford muscle nothing better.


New member
They seemed to be driving it in the same way they'd drive a new car with full traction control and all the good handling bits and it seemed like it was a bit a handful being driven like that. I think they could have got those two seconds with a bit of effort.


New member
Didn't ever intend to sound like I was paying out on the HO, that is if anyone thought that I was. It most definately deserves its place in the world of muscle cars. It does deserve to be pitted against cars of the era, and the other thing they've got to do is find those owners that will let those blokes loose in their pride and joys, be it Ford, GMH or Chrysler.


New member
I agree with Col and TS50. They were trying to be too smooth with the Phase 3, driving it like a new car. They can be driven alot harder than that, with a bit of the old tail out action happening while still going quickly forward.

The Stig probably shit himself the first time that the Detriot locker snapped the old girl sideways! Lol

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