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New member
quote:Originally posted by Rob 18

Wasn't Frenchy was it??? Although if IIRC, Frenchy drove the HO on more then 2 occassions..

Correct Rob. John French drove Moffats car at Surfers Paradise (Round 4) and then he drove Geoghegans car at Lakeside (Round 6) in 1971.

I will have a guess about conditions and payment. The conditions from Moffat were probably don't beat me and Frenchy probably did it for peanuts!



New member
It was Father. He drove the red car at Surfers, in an attempt by AM to put a bit of a fence between him and Geoghegan for the title that year. Moffat said "beat Geoghegan and I'll pay up", and Father missed out by a little bit. He drove the Geoghegan car at Lakeside a little later. Doesn't seem that Frenchy was too upset really. He said the cars were a handful by nature, but didn't really complain too much... pointed to Pete's form in the white car as an indicator of its potential.

Father also drove the works Series Proddy cars at times, including the Phase 3 that the Bowdens have (in its 1971 Bathurst trim), which was yellow for Norm Beechey at one stage.


Active member
No it was the 3rd Series Production car that John French raced.
Ford gave it to Norm Beechey as a bit of marketing ploy with a fist full of dollars. When it was given to Beechey it was repainted in Shell yellow colours with a red stripe. It stayed this way till the Bowdens restored back to it's Ford factory series production livery
Ford were none to happy at the results Beechey was providing so asked for the car and the money. They only got the car back.


Active member
The ex Gibbo XY that was at the last couple Australian Muscle Car Masters was in fact the one Gibbo crashed in 72.
It was built to the new Group C rules that came into effect that year

It was dumped in a creek bed where the current owner found it years ago and finally got around to restoring it


Yeah, I'ts hard to see,but they don't look like 12 slotters either!

Could it even be an up-spec'd XW?


Active member
From 1st month 70 all GT's and GTHO's had 5 slot wheels. They also had boat anchor Clevelands fitted at the same time.

That XY is carrying widened 5 slots

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