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New member
Hey everyone, I joined up as a Team Mates member this year after many years of putting it off.

What I have found so far is it wasn't worth it, for a few reasons.

The Forum is very quiet compared to Club17, I see the livery reveals 10min before social media, And I haven't received a membership pack as yet.

I like that my money is going towards the running of the team and that's the main reason I joined, But wow its a bit underwhelming.

What's everyone's thoughts?


Totally agree, I only resigned this year as I'm possibly going to Bathurst so I'll get to go to the Team Mates BBQ. The dinner up here used to be free now they over charge for that as well.


New member
Be good to catch up at the BBQ at Bathurst Peter.

Didn't know they charge for the dinner wow, looks like I will be giving that one a miss.

Oh well see how the year goes with the whole Team mates thingo, Can only get better I suppose [sh]
I was undecided about going around again this year, and only did so because of the new team structure.

There really isn't much benefit to it. They tell you there will be a dedicated line at track signings.
Definitely not at Clipsal.

I very rarely visit the team mates forum. Find this place much better for a constructive discussion.
With apologies to those from here that also post there, I find there to be far too much gushing about how great everything is.

The bathurst BBQ was $10 last year for a sausage in bread. Apart from that, it was good. I'll be back again this year, so, see you there!

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