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Tander in a Falcon in 2009

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New member
hmmmmmm, what a load of twaddle!!

Wasn't it Ms Tander who claimed all the boys were out to get her in the ute series?

She certainly seemed to learn the art of whinging when she changed her name from Ferrier to Tander.


Looks like they spent more time and effort in photoshopping her picture than they did desgining their cars.[:eek:)]


Super Moderator
I would love to see one take out the other on the track. Now that would be bloody awesome!!!!


New member
lol, i bet Tander's sponsors won't be happy with the partner driving for the oposition... oh wait now i am lost...


New member
I'd love to see the In-car camera pan across to see HSV on the Race Suit, But she's in a Ford [:0]


New member
This will be all we hear about this year until the race. The only thing I would love to see is her take Garth out during Bathurst. :D That would be an interesting night around the house if it does happen. [gcs]


New member
quote:Originally posted by DJR-XR8

I'd love to see the In-car camera pan across to see HSV on the Race Suit, But she's in a Ford [:0]

That is just so wrong !!

and yes photoshop can be a wonderful makeover, but nah, uggggh [gcs]

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