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New member
'Rumours", the brilliant Fleetwood Mac album was released in 1976 and turned out to be one of the best ever decisions by the band.

What do you think of the current 2016 rumours? [thumb]:D


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McLaughlin set to sign with DJR Team Penske

Supercars: Scott McLaughlin set to walk out on Garry Rogers and sign with DJR/Team Penske

JAMES PHELPS, The Daily Telegraph
June 24, 2016 7:19pm

SCOTT McLaughlin is set to walk out on Garry Rogers and sign a deal to become the sport’s latest millionaire after accepting an offer to join powerhouse Ford team DJR/Team Penske.

In what could be a crippling blow to Rogers just a month after losing manufacturing support from Volvo, McLaughlin will officially join Fabian Coulthard at DJR/Team Penske on Tuesday in a all star driving line-up when he officially signs the deal.
McLaughlin, 22, is considered to be the best young driver in the sport and has been at the centre of a three-way fight for his services with the Holden Racing Team also attempting to steal him from Volvo.

Young star Scott McLaughlin will leave Garry Rogers to join DJR/Team Penske.Rogers was adamant he could hold onto the young-gun until Volvo blindsided the racing veteran by pulling the pin on a lucrative new factory deal at the 11th hour.
McLaughlin wanted to stay loyal to Rogers but ultimately could not resist the lure of US billionaire Roger Penske and the promise of being delivered a championship-winning car.
DJR/Team Penske boss Ryan Story refused to comment on the signing when contacted by the Daily Telegraph on Friday night.
“We won’t comment on potential signings or contracts,’’ Story said.
[FONT=sans-serif !important][/FONT]“There is nothing official to report.’’
The Daily Telegraph had the signing confirmed from sources both close to the team and close to McLaughlin.
The deal will become official on Tuesday with DJR/Team Penske expected to issue a press release.
The deal will freeze fellow young gun Scott Pye out of a Ford seat with the team to continue with two cars despite talk of running a third entry to keep the kid or stepped in to take over from Marcos Ambrose.
Pye is considered a bright prospect and won the fledging team their first pole-position earlier this year.
The Daily Telegraph has been told Pye was sounded out for Volvo’s second seat before Roger’s signed James Moffatt.
Pye would be a logical replacement for McLaughlin in a straight swap given the team wanted him last year before he signed on to stay with DJR/Team Penske.
McLaughlin is expected to earn about $1m a year under the life-changing new deal.

Donut King

Staff member
I think the record of the parties involved is stronger than that of the current canary doing the singing. When we are given dates of post october for releases on both sides of the equation and that this is consistent with the actions of both groups in the past than the 3rd party which is currently singing from the rooftops is perhaps a bit premature. One swallow does not make the summer


New member
I think the record of the parties involved is stronger than that of the current canary doing the singing. When we are given dates of post october for releases on both sides of the equation and that this is consistent with the actions of both groups in the past than the 3rd party which is currently singing from the rooftops is perhaps a bit premature. One swallow does not make the summer

That's why I included author's details, . . [bgn]so people can make their own opinion of the story.

Donut King

Staff member
Starting to look a bit more credible now with speedcafe's confirmation and a fairfax story with quote from GRM saying they knowvwhat his decision is. Wonder why their hand seems to have been forced into jumping early.


New member
I can only imagine that the people from Cyan and Polestar and Volvo have made their position clear since they pulled out of the V8 series and would protect their brand fiercely in the courts should Garry Rogers try to build his own Volvo race car, and he'd be smart enough to know it would be an expensive year and one where the disruption to the team and driver would be negative experience as far as being conducive to getting up to the pointy end of the category.


New member

Is this yet another home renovation reality show with feeble denials & trumped up drama that will titillate but ultimately leave us disappointed again?


New member
[h=1]DJR Team Penske confirms McLaughlin for 2017[/h]

DJR Team Penske have confirmed through a press release that they have signed the 23-year-old kiwi Scott McLaughlin for the 2017 Supercars season.
V8 legend Dick Johnson is excited to have the 23-year-old McLaughlin to team up with Fabian Coulthard to lead a two-car DJR Team Penske program in 2017.
“There’s no question that Scott McLaughlin is one of the top drivers in the series and we’re excited to bring him aboard at DJR Team Penske,” said team founder Dick Johnson.
“With the combination of McLaughlin and Coulthard we look forward to chasing race wins next season in what really is the most competitive touring cars series in the world.”
McLaughlin has posted seven top-five results in the first 13 races this season, including a pair of victories from pole position in Races 6 and 7 at the WD-40 Phillip Island SuperSprint.
“This is a great opportunity for me to join one of the most accomplished Supercar teams in history and, hopefully, we can continue to grow together,” said McLaughlin.
“I want to thank two absolute motorsport legends in Dick Johnson and Roger Penske for believing in me. I’m really excited about the future with the organization.”
McLaughlin will began his term at DJR Team Penske starting in 2017 on a multi-year deal.


New member
Pye, . . Can he remain in the main series?


Team Penske president Tim Cindric says he expects Scott Pye to remain a full-time driver in the Supercars Championship next year, despite being forced out of the Ford squad.
Pye will be moved aside at season’s end for fellow youngster Scott McLaughlin, whose deal with the team was announced today.
The timing of the signing has surprised many who expected Pye to be given more time to prove his worth to the American-owned outfit.
Pye had been hailed as the team’s saviour last year when he stepped in to replace Marcos Ambrose, leading the squad’s gradual rise up the pecking order.
He currently sits just two places behind team-mate Fabian Coulthard in the 2016 standings, scoring a maiden career pole in Adelaide and a podium finish at Phillip Island.
Although directly choosing to draft in McLaughlin over keeping Pye, Cindric says he expects the latter to be snapped up by another outfit for 2017.
There remains much to play out in the silly season, with seats at several teams including Garry Rogers Motorsport, Walkinshaw Racing, Brad Jones Racing and Nissan Motorsport among those yet to be confirmed.
“I think he still has a lot of potential and he will be a winning driver in this series,” said Cindric of the 26-year-old South Australian.
“(But) from our team’s perspective we needed to look at it really closely.
“When you look at what Scott McLaughlin has been able to accomplish in a very short period of time, he’s finished in the top 10 in the championship every year he has been in it.
“It is well documented what his successes have been at some of the other levels (Dunlop Series).

“There’s a point where you have to make a decision and this is our decision today.”
Pye had been given a Pirtek Enduro Cup seat at DJR Team Penske for 2015 when its downsizing to a single car for Ambrose temporarily left him out of a full-time drive.
When asked whether the team will provide a similar opportunity for 2017, Cindric stressed his expectation that Pye will be elsewhere.
“My assumption is that he has enough talent and I would be very surprised if he is still available for an enduro drive, but if he were we’d certainly be open to that,” he said.
Cindric meanwhile added that his team needed to move quickly on McLaughlin to ensure he did not sign for another team.
McLaughlin’s current squad Garry Rogers Motorsport had made clear its hope to keep its driver, while Walkinshaw Racing was among others known to have been interested in his services.
Once the decision to sign McLaughlin had been made, Cindric says it was in the interests of both the team and Pye to make it public.
“It is never easy to make a driver announcement especially at this point in the year,” said Cindric.
“It is usually a bit early to do this.
“Scott Pye and I had some conversations earlier in the year and he was adamant he wanted to stay here given the chance.
“But if we were going to do something different he wanted to know as soon as possible so he has the best possible chance to find his next step.”


New member
WHO IS Responsible ??


[h=1]Ambrose triggered Penske McLaughlin interest[/h] Tuesday 28th June, 2016
Author: Stefan Bartholomaeus ©

McLaughlin and Ambrose at the 2015 Clipsal 500

DJR Team Penske’s long courtship of Scott McLaughlin began with an enthusiastic introduction from Marcos Ambrose.
Following today’s signing of a multi-year deal with McLaughlin, Team Penske president Tim Cindric expanded on his squad’s pursuit of the driver.
The now 23-year-old was brought onto the radar of Cindric and team owner Roger Penske by Ambrose shortly after the American giant joined the championship at the end of 2014.
“The interest initially started with Marcos Ambrose,” explained Cindric.
“Marcos had mentioned to Roger and I that if there was ever an opportunity to sign a second driver at some point in time, he said you guys need to keep an eye on this kid named Scott McLaughlin.
“At that point I didn’t really know much about him.
“I knew he was in a new Volvo team, but Marcos was quite high on what he’d accomplished in the Dev Series (Dunlop Series) and some of the other things he’d done.
“He felt that as a young up and coming driver, he was the one to really look at.
“At that point there wasn’t an opportunity to do much. We were committed to a single-car effort (for 2015).
“It’s been well documented how we transitioned from Marcos to Scott Pye (during the early stages of 2015).
“But along the way as we looked at making our driver choice for 2016, I reached out to Garry Rogers and asked what Scott’s status was for 2016 and beyond.
“He made it quite clear that Scott wasn’t available for 2016 and we moved forward then with our signings (Fabian Coulthard and Pye) and created our team.

“Quite honestly I wasn’t sure how that was all going to work out (with McLaughlin for 2017) until the Volvo thing (announcing its impending split with Rogers) transpired here in the past couple of months.
“At that point in time we reconnected with Scott and were able to put this deal together and actually sign the paperwork today.”
Speaking to the media from DJR Team Penske’s Queensland headquarters via a teleconference, Cindric declined to give details on the length or worth of McLaughlin’s contract.
Joining Cindric at DJRTP today to sign his contract, McLaughlin affirmed Rogers’ assertion that uncertainty over GRM’s future following Volvo’s bombshell announcement proved pivotal in his decision.
“What basically made the decision for me was when the Volvo thing happened,” said McLaughlin.
“It was not a ‘fully on’ decision but it obviously made it hard for me to think… obviously it was going to be a tough gig not knowing where our future lay at Volvo.
“We’ve got a really strong package and have to focus on that at this present time, but obviously from that point onwards it made the decision a lot harder.
“I needed to put myself in a place where there was a lot of security and I feel like I’ve got that.”
Having moved into the championship with GRM as a teenager in 2013, McLaughlin admitted that telling GRM’s staff of his decision was a difficult task.
“Obviously it was a pretty tough gig, we were all pretty emotional,” he said.
“The guys I’ve had on my car and in the team I’ve known for a long time.
“It was quite hard to say ‘this is it’, but at the end of the day I just tried to tell them that we’ve got a good shot at the championship so we’ve just got to push on and get on with things.”

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