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Oran Park Observations.

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Active member
Great to see Junior equal 3rd and Will showing great pace.
Unfortunately for Will to be making a few little mistakes that cost him drive through penalties.
Tander lived up to his dirty driver tag by unloading both Ingall and Lowndes.
The HRT , HSVDT cars are about as reliable as a Lada Niva.
Lee Holdsworth is a star of the future.
Good on Skaifey for getting out of Juniors way after a restart.
He supposedly sent a message to Chalks telling him of his intentions.
Courtney is starting to find his feet.
And a big F@#K you to Channel Ten for putting the v8's on so late on saturday night and also for missing the restart twice in race 3

Rob 18

New member
I agree whole heartedly Col. Why wasn't Tander given a drive thru for punting Ingall off???

Holdsworth had an awesome weekend, which just futher shows Gary Rogers has an eye for talent. I think Dean would be a little disappointed with his performances on the weekend & McConville must be wondering why the **** he left GRM for those PWR **** boxes.

Courtney is starting to show why Ross & Jimmy had so much faith in him but God-dam it, it's just great seeing DJR dicing with SBR.

Just an awesome weekend at Oran Park & what a great race track it is...


New member
Channel ten lost it this round; when Craig got past RK , I think we were watching someone drive through the pits or adds , and not even a replay.

But yeah Great result for Steve, who actually look good for a win in the reverse destruction race at one point, and has now jumped a couple of spots in the championship.

Did anyone see the Craig Gore and Mark Larkam interview on RPM, where Gore claimed WPS is the second best Ford team behind 888, ; although when he repeated it he said second or third bert Ford team.
He was complaining about the unavailability of any sponsorship from Ford to teams lately. a valid question.



New member
Well done DJR,Steven,Will was a ripper weekend engine power looked good and chassis is heading in the right direction like the good old days.

Channel 10 coverage was crap and i think they have dropped the ball,Limited Slip Diffey was on free spin all weekend WHAT A KNOB !.

Great to see some other teams and drivers have a good weekend for their sponsors.
Courtney well done.
Rusty bad luck.
Toll boys (says it all).
Ford weekend all round.
Holden given a big wedgey by Ford.
Oran Park what a great place !!.


New member
Well done to all at DJR, with those resulst hopefully the team will now go to the enduroes on a a high and very motivated.


New member
That was dead-set the most entertaining race meeting I've seen this year! Congrats to DJR and Steve for a great result - shows (as Lowndes did in R2) that there's a lot to be said for keeping a cool head when the goings a bit rough...

Great result for Lowndes, and I loooovvved the big slide out of R3's last corner!


New member
A FANTASTIC race meeting indeed.Well done to Steven hard luck to Will plent of tv coverage for a change,i suppose when your up the front that helps even the wife was in there cheering Steven on and telling me to make Tander go away.Well done DJR.


New member
Oran Park is a great place, thanks to some serious crawling to my mate at betta electrical we had some tickets in the corprate tent. (couldnt were my DJR gear thow)
Steve had moments when he really looked strong and Will was fast when not doing drive throughs.
Hope it continues for the enduros


New member
quote:Originally posted by bigcol

Good on Skaifey for getting out of Juniors way after a restart.
He supposedly sent a message to Chalks telling him of his intentions.

I was stunned!

I was listening on a scanner at turn 4 when skaife come on and said "Chalks was standing on the wall on my last pass. Just wonder over and tell him I'll let him by as soon as I can."

Thanks Skaifey.

But talk about Chinese wispers. The message that went to Steve was "Skaife's going to let you by on the restart."

I started to panic. What if Skaife's "as soon as I can" wasn't the restart? Thankfully it was, but the potential for Steve to be left flapping in the breeze at turn 1 was huge.

The next 2 laps under the pace car took about a year and were about as much as my ticker could handle.


New member
Was a good weekend to be a DJR supporter. Got to the track at 6:30 am then parked our butts on the Grass in front of the grandstand, and then waited for in line for the 9am signing at the DJR truck. Was in line behind one guy who had a 1:18 Will Davison DJR model with a low certificate number of #13 (very jealous). Went back at 11am to meet the Development Series guys, (great bunch of guys). During the races i was on the edge of my seats cheering a nd supporting the mighty DJR. Even my wife (who supports HRT, but hates Tander as much as I do), was cheering loud for Junior in the last race. Went to the pits after to offer my congrats to the entire DJR crew, got to speak to Grant and junior, but missed congratulating Marcos as it looked like he was very busy. A great day all round, and Junior getting equal 3rd definately a highlight after all those years of bad luck at Oranm Park.


New member
Hehe djr-fan

I was told skaife was going to let us past on the restart ... so that's what i told steve :) Its funny to think there are people out there listening to all this - it never really crosses your mind.

Anyway the reality is he had to let us pass anyway under the current rules ... was good of him to be a good sport about it though.


For all those that didn't realise (including me), George is the Engineer on Steve's car. Amazing what you can find out on Google hey. Also saw a nice picture of George with Sir Jack Brabham and Gary Brabham from his UQ days.

George was also Mark Winterbottom's Engineer back in 2004.

Great to have you on here George, hopefully you can give us some insight to the team as Marcus La Delle has done.



New member
Great to hear those comments from DJR-fan , and also those from George,

thanks for the extra info Poita, seems George must be doing a good job there going on Steves climb upwards on the championship ladder.

Rob 18

New member
Welcome aboard George. I,ve noticed you around on other foums correcting those who make false accusations about DJR.. It's great to have you come on here & contribute, along with Marus who contributes regularly.


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