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Model Cars

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New member
I've resisted the temptation to start collecting the model cars for many years, but just recently I gave into that temptation and started my 1:43 collection. Did a bit of a makeover on my coffee table to give me somewhere to show them off.

Really hanging out for the 1:43 DJR Sierra.


New member
Just a small section of my collection, more photos to come:cool:


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New member
Little bit more of my collection.


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New member
Gotta luv them there Nascars boy, yeehaa ! Pretty cool that theyre all signed mate, be hard to get those signatures again. [bw]
got more Nascars coming from Gomotorbids..Love that site, might be in US but have had no problems yet.
hang on !! todays payday[y]


Dick Johnson Racing Become Model Citizens

DICK Johnson Racing has teamed up with Apex Replicas to create its 2011 and 2012 V8 Supercar model Falcons.

The emerging Perth company is making its first steps into the V8 Supercars market and has become the exclusive model supplier to DJR, encompassing the Jim Beam Racing Falcons of Steven Johnson and Dean Fiore as well as the Team Norton DJR Falcon of James Moffat.

The company will release 1:18 and 1:43 scale models of the 2012 cars later in the year and is already well-advanced with its first two DJR models – the ‘Premium Pair’ of cars from last year’s Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000.

The Jim Beam ‘Black’ car of Steven Johnson and David Besnard and the Jim Beam ‘Bonded’ car of James Moffat and Matt Halliday will be production ready in a few weeks.

The 1:18 scale models are expected to retail for $190 (including GST) and the 1:43 scale version for $70 (including GST).

For further details: www.apexreplicas.com.au or http://www.jimbeamracing.com.au/new...e-replica-cars-in-resin#.T2pRJ8Gz40o.facebook


New member
I am a bit skeptical about this. I have not heard of the company before. Resin and no moving parts... And where's the 1:64 scale? [sh]

Racin Jason

Active member
I started a thread in the team mates forum about this. I will not buy an inferior model at almost the same price.[rt]


New member
Got to give them credit for bringing a new player on board, but with no opening doors I think they are a bit exy. Hopefully some of that extra might go into the team ? [sh]


New member
dont think I would get any 1:18 in resin but 1:43 are ok.
have most of the models 56 resin cars and these are of good quality.
guess its better than nothing but...[}:)]

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