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Active member
Seeing the #2 Skaife Tander car slow of the line with a rooted clutch , about $1500.00

Seeing the #2 Skaife Tander car liberace'd by Jack Perkins about $100 000

Seeing the look on Walkinshaws face after the slow start and then the shunt



Well put bigcol, one of my favourite moments from the weekend was the look on Tander's face soon after Skaife put it in the wall. I wish I had of been there I felt that sorry for TEAM RED that I almost sent them a box of tissues.:D

The "chest beating" Tander went on with before the race and the outcome soon after the start?.. isn't Karma a wonderful thing??


New member
Yes that was my favorite moment aswell Poita,yes karma is a wonderful thing.My other favorite moment was the look on that"TOOLBAG" Murphys face just after McConville fenced it,ahhh Justice.What goes around comes around.

Racin Jason

Active member
I missed the start for the first time in 25 years so I didn't see all of that, but my wife called me at 10:06 and said "Skaife is gooone". I near peed myself laughing! I have just started watching the race from the start, but I think I will fast forward through lap 27-31.


New member
I think it was a pity would have been interesting to see how Skaife and Lowndes would have raced against each other.
We could say a hollow victory with the fastest car not racing same as last year but a win is a win.


New member
Top call Big Col! very funny!

Did you guys notice the HRT pit packed up before the race end, and Team HRT are now the 10th placed supercar team at the moment.


New member
Well, there was no need to not pack up, considering they didn't have any cars to service... Skaife saw the end of the race from home apparently.


New member
quote:Originally posted by 05

I think it was a pity would have been interesting to see how Skaife and Lowndes would have raced against each other.
We could say a hollow victory with the fastest car not racing same as last year but a win is a win.

I suppose you could say it was a hollow victory , but funny I can't recall one Holden supporter saying that when spud took Ambrose out.
Bitter tears more like it.


New member
TS-50 sorry if you read it wrong but I mentioned about last year as well meaning no Lowndes more than Ambrose. Ambrose was annoyed me last year so I forgot about him. :)


New member
Hi guys back from the mountain yesterday long way to Tassie.Was on top at Reid/Sulman the place went wild when Skaife was taken out,well around our area anyway.Tander oh what a look,it was bloody priceless.
To Grant and Alex ripper effort top 10 at the mountain is not to be sneezed at.
One of the worst moments was 17 cruching the fence right in front of us in second and with race pace oh what could of been.Have not seen JNR make a mistake like that ever,but all is forgiven.
You ripper Craig and Jamie flew the flag well and we finally got one back from the dark side.
Fantastic result from Andrew Thompson heard alot of people over weekend comment and was asking "who is this guy" I soon informed them of his DJR connection.
As you all know we had alot of action this year at Reid/Sulman Park with 6/7 cars into wall and the big crash that took Mark Porter life which was a real back to realilty moment,one that did spoil a great weekend.


New member
Well said Col. The best bit was Tander saying how they only needed to do one lap in the warm up cause the car was soooooo good. He he he he, I am still laughing. :D:D:D

Yay - Fords 1,3 & 4 with the man being 3rd (he just needs a 1st to complete the collection [8D]). Hopefully it happens again next year - waiting for a Ford victory every 7 years is no fun.

I was soooo glad to see Lowndes win though - he was sincere about doing it for Brocky. Don't think we could have said the same about the red cars.


Active member
The bit that got me p!ssed over the weekend was Skaife saying that HRT should win it for Brock and it would be the most fitting result and making it out like he was Brocks best mate.
What total unadulterated BULLSH!T.
The correct driver won it on the weekend.
Brock's prodigy, his apprentice.
No one should have won it except for Lowndes and thankfully Team Unreliable shat themselves once again.
hahahahahahhahahahhaaaaa F#$%$ing hahahhaahhahahahahhahahah
Im am still laughing about it today.
Has there ever been a car on pole that has failed to make it to turn 2
hahhahahhahah hahhahahahaha

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