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Kelly weighs up Ford

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HSV Raiders

New member
RED-blooded Holden racer Todd Kelly is considering a switch to Ford.

The former Bathurst winner, who is weighing his options after a disappointing season with Larry Perkins' Jack Daniel's-backed Holden team, is 13th in the V8 Supercar championship.

Stone Brothers Racing is looking for a new driver and backer for its No. 4 Falcon next year after the departure of James Courtney and sponsor Jeld-Wen.

Kelly and Jack Daniel's have both been mooted as possible candidates.

"There are a couple of other things that are happening that are in front of that," Kelly said. "But if they had a seat going I'd have no dramas driving there. They are good blokes, Ross and Jimmy (Stone), and they run a good team."

Kelly is a genuine Holden and Chevrolet fan - he often wears a Chevrolet ring and belt buckle - and has been a part of the Holden V8 Supercar program since 1997. He was an original member of the Holden Young Lions driver development team as a teenager.

"It would be a pretty big thing for me (leaving Holden)," he said. "I'd prefer to stay with Holden and a Melbourne-based team."

Despite the other offers Kelly said he was happy with the progress he and the team had made this year.

"You'd be silly not to look at what's out there," Kelly said. "If there is a drama at Larry's you need to have options. But I would like to continue at Larry's.

"You're not going to believe me, but I reckon we've got as good a car (as there is) out there, but we just haven't had a good run with it."

Although Kelly wouldn't reveal his other Holden options, he has ruled himself out of a return to the Holden Racing Team or sister squad HSV Dealer Team, after being dumped at the end of last season despite strong results.

"I'd be fairly hesitant to head back there," he said.

He refused to put a deadline on signing a new deal.

"I just want it to be the right decision," he said


Shane Price has been given the boot from JDR and replaced by Jack Perkins for the rest of the year, great move Larry that should give the team a lift...[hb]


Super Moderator
An early Christmas present for Shane Price from LP. Like little Larry will solve the teams problems...


New member
quote:Originally posted by Poita

Shane Price has been given the boot from JDR and replaced by Jack Perkins for the rest of the year, great move Larry that should give the team a lift...[hb]

Maybe they've run out of money ??
coz Spec's just aint that good.

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