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I thought he was dead!

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New member
Last Saturday night, took my self and nascar jnr for a night out to see the Monster trucks perform. Lots of action, smash up derby, jet powered van, motorbikes, Robot Dragon (Zzzzz...), and monster trucks doing jumps, crushing cars etc.... doing what they do best. Good night out - lots of testosterone...[thumb]

Ring announcer was Wade Aunger, but there was another voice heard throught the speakers, a co-compare, a bloke synomenous with Ch7 and the Bathurst broadcasts with DJ, Moff and Brock in the late 70's and 80's.

It was Mike the motor mouth Raymond. Bloody hell, I thought this guy was dead. I reckon he was the best commentator for motor sports anywhere. I was just waiting for one of his classic lines - "The Talmalmo farmer, George Fury", or a "Gentleman - Jim Richards" or even a "Queenslands favourite son, Dick Johnson" to be blurted out.

Haven't heard him for years - man, it took me back!


Found this info on the net, he was running the Parramatta City Raceway.

"Speedway International Directors Bob Spence and Brian Healey have named Mike Raymond as Track manager and media man to handle the day to day running of the speedway. Raymond brings a wealth of speedway and media experience into the consortium having spent 20 years with Frank Oilveri operating Liverpool Speedway and before that he worked beside John Sherwood, Frank Arthur and Bert Pryor as publicity man for the world famous Empire Speedways Company at the Sydney Showground. In television he headed up the motorsport coverage for the Seven Network for more than 20 years."

It appears he may have moved up to Brisbane going by your report.

Racin Jason

Active member
Mike was for a long time the voice of the ATCC and was very good at it. He was also one of the main movers and shakers behind the scenes in the early days of what we now call V8Supercars. He rubbed a few people the wrong way but there can be no doubting his input into Australian motorsport.


New member
How good was it.I knew I knew that voice but could not see his head to jog my memory. I was the one in the crowd holding my 7 yr old with a broken arm in the air trying to win a playstation. damn comentator saw me and commented about being careful holding kids so high then pisses off the other way to give it away.
We were robbed I tell ya[hb]
freeking awesome night. Batman had 1425hp with a one foot exhaust.luved it


New member
Yeah, I don't know if he's made the move permanently up here, but he had his hot line to the Parra speedway on Saturday, announcing the young Mitch Dumnsey beating Robbie Farr by the length of the main straight in the grand finale on that evening.


New member
Yeah, good night 79maq, sorry to hear your boy missing out on the play station, you'd think a kid with a broken arm would get the nod surely.
How was that big red unit doing the jump forwards and then repeats it in reverse!


New member
yeh took me by suprise.
how bright was that jet car in the dark.
the only thing that could have been better was there was long gaps in the show. they need to make it flow alot better to keep the kids entertained

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