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DJR EA Prototype

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New member
Was flicking through some old photos recently and found some of the Ea doing some laps at Bathurst on the Media Day Channel 7 used to hold.
Dick was running both the next-gen V8 supercar and the Seirra out of the same pit bays, Was just wondering if anyone has some general info on the car and why the aero kit was rejected by TEGA.

Hardies Hero

New member
Man that first EB that DJR built was a sports sedan apparently, they ran it once at the media day at bathurst, think it was late 92... good question, not sure why it was given the flick. but I have heard people say that it was a mean bit of gear, from memory it ran a 2.12 straight out a tha box.


New member
Never heard about that thing.Sounds like a weapon but.2:12 Awsome for back then.Tell me more please,Someone.


My recollection is that it was built to their understanding of the rules at the time - and umm then it became the worlds most expensive show car - Henry, help me here lol!!!


Dick had built the car during the season and had initial approval, until he ran it a media day at Bathurst. It was after this test that people started making noises about Dicks car speed and areo package he was using, the car eventually had to be modified to meet new regulations. I think it was in excess of $20000+ down the drain after the areo kit was banned.

Racin Jason

Active member
It was in fact an EB not an EA. IIRC it was Neal Lowe that built it while the newly employed Stone Brothers fettled the Sierras. Apparently Neal's interpretation of the rules was a little unique and the car was so far removed from the one that GSR built that the then powers that be deemed it to be unsuitable. Consequently DJ was a little upset and Neal Lowe left the team soon after. That car then went on to be the most expensive showcar in the history of Australian Motorsport. It now resides in WA and does a little bit of sport sedan racing.


New member
The car was built with wheel tubs on all four corners, a flat undertray full-length from the tip of the splitter back (the front spoiler arrangement had a massive lip on it, with the engine semi-stressed as a structural jobbie from memory. It was a VERY liberal reading of the rules, and got knocked on the head very quickly... and Neal Lowe, who had invested heavily on behalf on DJR in the project through 1992, went to HRT... for a while...

It was retained by the team as the display car, replete with analogue tacho and single LCD display as per the Sierras of the time. It remained in this role until the AU came along, getting sheet metal changes to suit the contemporary race cars of the time, and as Jason says is still around, in EL/Shell Helix livery


New member
Good to hear that it is still around with the Shell Helix livery, Thanks for the info. Did not know it was an EB either, There is some pictures of it in the DJR Historical gallery section 4EVER17 with the red rear quarters instead of the blue.


New member
quote:Originally posted by 4EVER17

Geez,are there any pics floating around,love to see some

If you have Issue 27 of Australian Muscle Car magazine, Mark Oastler has written a page on the car known as 'DJR EB1'. As racin jason confirmed it is currently in WA being raced as a sports sedan. It has a 351 Windsor in it now and the Shell stickers had to be removed (Shell wouldn't allow the car to be raced with Shell livery as they don't sponsor it anymore). Otherwise it is in the original livery as the promotional car for DJR in EL sheetmetal.



New member
I had a T-shirt & jumper with that car on it with the livery it used at the media day with the red back rather then the blue they raced with.


New member
If i recall correctly at the media day they ran with the blue rear, and at the launch it ran the red rear quarters.
Poita, image DJR19 in the Historical gallery section is the one, with the launch colours.


New member
It's interesting that it has a different aero kit in the two photos but neither is the one they ended up racing with.

I think you're right with the different paint schemes too DJR-XR6.

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