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DJR and Murphy

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New member
I put this in here where it's a little more private.
Mods please move if you think it's ok.

Does anyone know the truth to the story I heard that [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]Murphy approached DJR earlier in the year when SGR where goners. The deal was supposedly a full time drive in a supported DJR car for 2010, (PCR REC)then 3 years with an enduro drive. All the while, a Fujitsu team of 2x DJR cars and 1x GMM car with DJR support with Murph running it. This was almost a done deal leading into Bathurst, then it went quiet.


First I've heard of this Gerry, I know a couple of rumours were going around but nothing as substantial as this, the rest I considered BS.[sh]


New member
I only put it up because I heard it from 3 different sources - 2 within the industry and 1 very close to it - and they were all extremely similar stories.


New member
Murphs a tool. [ak][f]If djr get some coin out of him, all is well and good., But if he ever sits his arse in a main DJR car LOOK OUT! [bgn][sa]


Active member
Murphs a tool. If djr get some coin out of him, all is well and good., But if he ever sits his arse in a main DJR car LOOK OUT!

Make up your mind 79maq, firstly you say he's a tool then you want his money[sh]:D:D
Last edited:


New member
I understand the sentiments fellas and agree with them but I'm really trying to find out how much truth there was in the scenario as the sources were pretty reliable.
Is there anyone who can do some digging close to home without getting their head blown off?


Super Moderator
Once Spud is confirmed at PMM (at Homebush) then we can ask some questions about how true this rumour is. Will keep you posted.


New member
OK Rob, Murphy now confirmed at PMM in Castrol Edge colours.
Do your best please - and thanks in advance. [thumb]

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