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Can we get some trivia going again?

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New member
Just a Stab in The Dark!

The Superroo XW or whatever model it was with the Kangaroo on wheels?? logo. [sh]


New member
xc cobra ?. . . .but that was the same year as the update ?

was it on the back door of the xb panal van ?


New member
I recall there was a brushed aluminium Ford oval badge, a very flat long oval that maybe went at the bottom of the front guard? I'm sure it was on my '69 MkII Cortina. '69 XW?


New member
The XD was debuted at a Lakeside meeting, where DJ planted Paul Zacka's Gemini while he was trying to get the shitty old tyres up to temp. There was a sponsorship deal on the line with Facom, if he was able to break Bartlett's lap record during the race... he missed out, and missed out on their coin.

The first "big" race was the CRC300 at Amaroo, and he frightened the HDT there mightily.


New member
That's right Henry - the Lakeside meet was a test to see how she'd go before the big one at Amaroo.


New member
June 22nd. Won a Sports Sedan race and a Tourer race. I thought it might have been a round of the QTCC, which was a state-based title Dick won about 9 times.

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