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Absolute Automotive Solutions

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Just a quick thread to say that Absolute Automotive Solutions is delighted to be a part of Club17
A quick intro - we are a mechanical business situated in Slacks Creek Qld with strong racing roots, we carry out all aspects of vehicle maintenance and performance so if we can be of any assistance to Club17 members you can contact us on 07 3209 4711 or email us at michael@absoluteautomotive.com.au or click on the link.

Check out our website and find us on facebook.
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Welcome to Club17 Mick.

I can recommend Absolute Automotive to everyone. Great service and very friendly people who do a magnificent job.

PS. Thanks Poita for the referral.
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Welcome Mick and thank you for supporting of our site.

I started getting my cars serviced at Mick's company last year and found his work to be excellent.

After chatting with him about V8's recently I mentioned Club17 to him, he looked it over and wanted to be involved with our site. He has come on-board as a major sponsor of this site all without me having to ask anything.

He feels a motorsport forum is a good fit for his business so please support his company if you have the opportunity to do so.


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Welcome and thanks for the support. Your not to far from me and i will use your company when I neeed a mechanic. I hope you like old muscle with carbs. My old mechanic caused a lot of problems with people i sent there. I will send my neighbour your way aswell.


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G'day Mick!

Welcome and a big thank you for supporting us here at djrclub17.

Hope you get involved and enjoy.



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Great to see a new site sponsor with Club 17 :)
I lived in the Slacks Creek area around 10 years ago, And remember seeing Dick Johnson driving out of his Daisy Hill driveway every morning as I was riding to School, He had a EL GT and always used to wave.


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Welcome, great to have that security to make sure we're around a bit longer.

I'll have to call in and check your garage out next time I'm coming through.:cool:


Mick, our site sponsor, is racing at GC600 and Homebush in Aussie Racing Cars. I went out to QR and did a couple of shots for him. Wish him luck, he is going to need it around the street circuits.



Mick has now purchased his own Aussie Racer (Euro) and will compete in the rest of the series this year starting at QR.

He is chasing a Livery design so if you know anyone who is willing to have a go at it let me know.


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Who was the moron driving the VIP car?
Mick did well to hang on and keep it pointed in the right direction.

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