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New member
Well it's done and dusted.

Despite the gut wrenching final race I reckon it has been an awesome season for DJRTP and its fans.
To get where we are now has taken an enormous physical and mental effort from everyone involved in the team.
Let's be honest, we've come from a bit of a rabble (well intentioned though) to be the most professional outfit by far.
Our cars are quick, pretty reliable (not quite there, but only a whisker), our pit crews are slick and our drivers are really on the ball.
The fact that this has happened over only 3 years is amazing.
Best Presented Team, Most Popular Driver, Armor All Pole Position, Champion Team and 2nd and 3rd in the Drivers Championship - not a bad summation of the year. It will be better next year as I think they have learned a hell of a lot and to go so close to the Drivers Championship and fall at the last hurdle is not a bad thing. It's long been said that before you win you have to experience losing one.

Bring on 2018!

Donut King

Staff member
Yep the performance this year has been beyond my wildest imagination. Looking forward to seeing what the mischevious little Frenchman and his band of merry engineers has in the pipeline for next year. Paired with an even more determined Scotty no doubt looking to make amends (not that he should feel he has to) I think this could be the heat treatment that anneals the whole squad and takes it up another level.

Lets also not forget that 888 have the burden on bringing a new vehicle online for next season and this is where they have traditionally been at their more vulnerable throughout the change to Commodore when we won with Courtney and also the tweaking of the VF aero where PRA stole a march on them. It may just be that PRA are our biggest challengers next year.

I must admit I have been a little surprised at the split of the commentary on social media, there has been a far higher percentage of support for the team than I expected there to be. Especially because Lowndes was involved in the final incident... that would have to be heartening to the team, or those in the team who might be paying attention anyhow.

Bring on 2018 team, the ascendancy is only just beginning, and if there is only 1 thing we can take from Newcastle let it be this (in the adapted words of Happy Gilmore) Scotty learned how to start... uh oh!

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