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    DJR staff movements

    Number 1 & Number 2 Mechanic - Dick Johnson Racing Employer Dick Johnson Racing. Location Stapylton QLD Position Number 1 & Number 2 Mechanic. Description Highly experienced V8 Supercar Mechanic Experience Required. Must have previous experience working with V8 Supercars. Must be a reliable...
  2. D

    EB 1

    Hi all, just wondering, although CAMS had a coronary when DJ ran it at the media day at Bathurst, I was pretty sure he had dispensation to run it in the 1992 GP support races in Adelaide, and also the New Zealand races, where JB had a monster and thought he was blinded until he realised his...
  3. D

    Motor Sport Books For Sale

    Hi Everyone, I am downsizing, so my collection of Bathurst Annuals, (1980 - 1999 - 1981 signed by Dick Johnson) Australian Motor Racing Yearbooks (1981 - 1995) and Bathurst Programmes - 1981 - current, all have to go. Please PM me if you are interested or alternatively you can contact me on...
  4. D

    Tru Blu Question

    First of all I know this is terribly trivial, but I have been looking at some Bowden pics and wonder why the front spoiler on TruBlu does not marry up to the front wheel arches - was the car like this when it raced??
  5. D

    RIP Tom Walkinshaw

    Tom Walkinshaw has passed away from cancer, aged 64. As reported in this article: http://www.touringcartimes.com/article.php?id=5638 Like him or hate him, he certainly has achieved a lot and contributed greatly to motorsport, both here and abroad. RIP Tom, now in Gods care.
  6. D

    Lets Keep Courtney

    Having read various posts on other forums, I think it is our duty to try and at least show that we want the 2010 Champion to stay at DJR. From what I understand his move is not done and dusted yet. Any thoughts ??
  7. D

    Pubic Enemy Number 1

    Guys I normally would not post this, but the attached story has to be the funniest thing I have read in a long time: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/lifestyle/woman-shaves-bikini-line-at-wheel/story-e6frf00i-1225839948779
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    Car help

    Hi everyone and a hearty new year to you all - my ex, who has my 3 gorgeous daughters living with her, lives in Morayfield in Queensland - she has a budget of +/- 7000.00 for a car she desperately needs - do any of you have either contacts that could help or suggestions on models etc as I have...
  9. D

    V8 Superstars

    Hi All, can anybody tell me if there are archives of the old V8Superstars programme that used to be on Ten - was a rippa watch as this link shows: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUskEOua2OM
  10. D

    Boiled nuts

    Hi Guys, this is out of sheer desparation - since moving to NSW from QLD I have not been able to find Boiled Peanuts anywhere. Do any of you guys down here know where I might buy them?? Cheers, Doug
  11. D

    Vale Bruce McPhee??

    It appears that sadly, Bruce McPhee passed away today. Can anyone elaborate on this story??
  12. D

    Car 2 Disqualified???

    Ok Ok, I am getting way ahead of myself, but, as mentioned on another site, it is against the rules for the drivers name to be displayed without his/hers 1st initial if there is another driver competing in the race with the same surname. Look at the rear windows of car 2 - you won't see...
  13. D

    Whincup Drives A Holden

    Check this out!! http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/jamie-whincups-ultimate-insult-to-ford/story-e6frey5r-1225761106726
  14. D

    She said YES!!!

    I know this isn't Motorsport related, but my gorgeous partner of nearly 4 years, Charli, last night became my fiance' and I just wanted to share - I am wrapped!!
  15. D

    Has Paul Morris Retired

    Hi guys, read today that PM will hang up his boots after Oran Park - can anyone verify this???
  16. D

    tony d'alberto

    any info on what happened - he apparantly got carted off to the med centre but nobody has updated since.
  17. D

    Character Assasination??

    At the risk of being accused of just that, lets look at all 4 drivers Fastest Laps over both races: Lets Start with 17, the oldest car in the field and the 2 NON fulltime drivers (maingame.) Steve Owen Race 1: 1.35.11 Warren Luff Race 2: 1.35.95 Now lets check the pro's out in 18...
  18. D

    Valentines day

    As a completely shameless attempt to make money, I ask all of you to visit our ebay store (link in sig below) and buy your ladies something special - hurry though, not long now!!!
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    Chalks on Ebay??

    Hi everyone, just wanted to post this link to a signed DJR helmet on Ebay - check out the sellers name - quite bizzare!! http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=330188648585&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=014
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    Sorry all but hoorrooo

    Hi everyone, no doubt you have all noticed that recently I have dropped the ball bigtime regarding the site. It hasnt been an intentional thing but other circumstances seem to be taking priority. I just want to say that being involved in this club, and moreover, interacting with all of you has...