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    Phillip Island

    One, two buckle my shoe...
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    Well it's done and dusted. Despite the gut wrenching final race I reckon it has been an awesome season for DJRTP and its fans. To get where we are now has taken an enormous physical and mental effort from everyone involved in the team. Let's be honest, we've come from a bit of a rabble (well...
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    Push to bring Tru-Blu Falcon to TCM !!!

    It'll be good if it comes off!
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    Team Johnson (Merged)

    Seems it was a great weekend to be a Johnson! :D
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    Team Johnson (Merged)

    I forgot about that, der... [bgn]
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    Team Johnson (Merged)

    Qualified on pole but I don't know what happened in the race. JB was a DNF and Junior was mid field.
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    Team Johnson (Merged)

    Didn't realise that.
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    Team Johnson (Merged)

    I've been told that someone else bought Sally.
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    'Rumours", the brilliant Fleetwood Mac album was released in 1976 and turned out to be one of the best ever decisions by the band. What do you think of the current 2016 rumours? [thumb]:D
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    SoO 2015

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    Happy Birthday Dick

    70 today!
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    Ford AU officially gone in 2016.

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    RPM vs djr

    I was reading this article and thought that the 2 iconic teams/drivers had so much in common that it was scary. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1458788-nascar-penske-racings-success-may-rub-off-on-richard-petty-motorsports-in-2013
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    Cochrane Quits!

    http://www.speedcafe.com/2012/09/21/tony-cochrane-quits-v8-supercars-chairman-role/ So who will get the gig? Michael Gudinski? Michael Chugg? I'd love to see Chuggy give it a go!
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    Vodafone Racing gone!

    Well, going, nearly gone :D http://www.v8supercars.com.au/championship/newsarticle/breaking-vodafone-to-leave-triple-eight/tabid/70/newsid/12528/default.aspx
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    JBR/djr website

    Does anyone know what the go is with the website? The headline is still "Courtney takes podium at Clipsal." I can see they have that twitface stuff but I'm not really in to that. Is it ever going to be updated, or is it now outdated?
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    DJR and Murphy

    I put this in here where it's a little more private. Mods please move if you think it's ok. Does anyone know the truth to the story I heard that Murphy approached DJR earlier in the year when SGR where goners. The deal was supposedly a full time drive in a supported DJR car for 2010, (PCR...
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    Can anyone confirm that Steven has engine problems today in practice? [help] Anyone who's lucky enough to be there. [sh]